Working with CloudBreak Capital: CloudBreak welcomes brokers and buyout ideas from a variety of sources.The sale of a business is complex, and the reasons to sell are different in almost every case. Family transistions, risk management, redeploying the significant wealth the business represents, and sale of a non-strategic division are all common reasons driving a transaction. CloudBreak will propose a structure that will address complex and varying motivations driving the sale.

Areas of Interest: CloudBreak Capital targets manufacturing, distribution and service businesses with $5 million to $50 million in annual revenue with cash operating earnings (“EBITDA”) in excess of $1 million.
Investment Size: Typical equity investments from CloudBreak will range from $1 to $5 million to support a transaction size between $5 and $30 million. CloudBreak will usually source and structure the total capital for a buyout transaction. Often, CloudBreak will assemble and invest with a group of investors, and these investment size guidelines will be proportionately larger.
Structure: CloudBreak invests primarily as the lead investor in MBO, LBO and divestiture transactions that involve a complete change of control.We are firm believers in aligning management incentives with investment returns; hence our ownership structures are designed to align management and employee ownership interests with the CloudBreak’s ownership.
Philosophy: CloudBreak is a financial buyer with significant operating experience and resources. We are looking for fundamentally sound business franchises that will benefit from our capital and our expertise.